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Winter woollies – 1

Winter has come. Like POW! Like a fox all jumped up on fox juice and the smell of the sexy new fox next door. Like a rocketship zooming to a divert a meteor that just might squish the Earth. Like a jolt of carrot and ginger and guarana juice flung over a fence and replaced with coffee. THAT’s how winter has come. POW! ZOOM! FLING!

My response is to plan knitting. A swift-acting solution it is not, but it is a satisfying one nonetheless. First: something for my head/hair/brains/ears. A slouchy cap is the order of the day. Pictured here reclining luxuriously in the early morning sun (not pictured: winter), I have some Araucania Ranco Multy in a completely beautiful teal.

Oh, Ranco Multy, you flirty minx

Isn’t the yarn beautiful?

Why, yes, it is!

This is a hat pattern of the finest water: Bohoknits’ Sockhead Hat. Simple and effective! Everything we like in a pattern. But when I was putting photos up on Ravelry, I noticed that I had mistakenly worked the four inches of rib in 1×1 rather than 2×2. I really like the look of the 2×2 rib: it seems to spread a little more, making the transition to stockinette a little less bunchy. I’d be happy to unravel and start again, since this is such an easy pattern, and one I can do while chatting with friends, riding in a car, etc. etc., but once I start looking at starting over…I start wondering what other patterns could be waiting for me. I’m particularly partial to the Antelope Hat and the Wilted Warlock Hat. Hmm.

I only discovered Bohoknits’ patterns a little while ago, but I feel a serious crush starting to burn. Oooh, see the Herringbone Hat? That’s funky. And — oooh! — legwarmers! Awesome legwarmers! Yes, I’m liking this site. Where was I?

Oh yes!

Anyway, this hat is a hoot to knit: but if I frog it and rebirth it as something new, don’t be too surprised! More winter woollies to come.

/me disappears into scatterbrained whirlwind of possibilities.

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