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FO Report: Wavy

Scarves often don’t get FO Reports — they’re a bit like socks in that regard: unless they’re uber-fancy, people act like they’re a non-event. Not ’round here, mother-effers. Behold!

A commissioned project! My Brotherini requested a black scarf, and, having recently unravelled a huge jumper-worth of black Merino Supreme, I was looking for a new project and ripe for a scarf. Cosmic. He even knew what pattern he wanted, since I’d made myself a Wavy years-und-years-und-years ago and he remembered. Nothing could be easier:

wavy wavy woo

I am surprised how much I loved making this: I have a funny relationship with Merino Supreme, but damn it’s nice on the fingers. Plus, although scarves don’t usually go super-quick, it only took me about three weeks to finish this baby. Long enough to feel the effort, not so long I got bored. Scarves are pretty great: everyone on Ravelry seems to be all about the lace shawls, which are magnificent, and I have a pretty hard-burning boner for neckwarmers and cowls and the like, but scarves…there will always be a place for cool scarves.

woovy woovy waves

Blocking involved…well, I’m not a professional knitter. I don’t want to win prizes for sleeki-sexi-perfect-i-ness when it comes to fine-tuning things, and anyway, knitting is about making use of resources, using your wholesome hands to produce loveful gifts, not about executing things with machine-like OKAY I THREW IT IN THE BATH.

well-washed wavy woo

Then spread it out on the back table. Seems to be doing nicely! Merino Supreme will take a bit of wet, a bit of rough (won’t we all, given half a chance?) and so I gave it a wring in a towel and then sprawled it out, where it is currently drying. I just wanted to get it wet enough to relax the stitches and give them a bit more uniformity. And I think I have achieved thi<strongs goal. So my Brotherini's neck will soon be wrapped in wavy warmth! Huzzah! (Assuming he doesn't try to wear it while it's still wet. That would be silly.)


Pattern: Wavy, from Knitty, Winter 2004.
Mods: None, unless you count substituting Cleckheaton’s Merino Supreme for the Cascade 220. Frankly, I don’t think of yarn substitution as a mod, but as a necessity. Thoughts?
Rating: Sweet-as, bro.

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