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Short words on the matter of muesli

Many shades of brown!

Oats make me happy. You may have guessed. Breakfast makes me happy. You may have guessed. Home-toasted muesli is just the ant’s pants. I toasted a batch today and added bran flakes and dried pineapple. Stand back, citizens, she’s out of control! Deliciousness awaits me every morning.

I do have a warning: be vigilant in your toasting! I overtoasted some of my oats and it was touch-and-go whether or not they’d make it into the batch! Burnt oats get bitter and unpleasant, and mine were just borderline. I melted some honey to ensure it stayed on the tasty side. Phew. Crisis averted.

(I’m pretty sure I don’t need to contribute to the masses of toasted muesli recipes already choking the Internet. It’s a pretty straightforward formula: toast the oats and nuts and seeds; don’t toast the fruit and bran bits; toss it all together and seal it up when cold. You can do that: it’s not rocket surgery.)

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