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Autumn cooking — part 2

I’ve been reading a lot of Oh She Glows lately: her cooking looks awesome and she clearly has a place in her heart for oats equal to mine. All her biscuits and cakes and slices look so nourishing, full of oats and seeds and fruit. Ooh yeah, toast my granola. I love finding new ways to cook with oats. Everything she cooks looks incredible, too: it just radiates. Check out this soup, or this strawberry and apple crisp or these almond butter chews, or…well, you see what I mean. Also, I was well into the archives before I realised everything was vegan. Go, have a look: she’s awesome.

Anyway, inspired, I dug out a recipe I’ve been thinking of trying for a while: date and tahini breakfast bars. On Limes and Lycoprene (which is where that link’ll take ya), they look awesome. Sustaining, nourishing, stuffed with nuts and fruit: truly full of promise. But whether it’s because I used home-made tahini or because my dried fruit selection wasn’t as good, mine were surprisingly bland.

Kinda chewy, kinda crunchy: total dud

Like, really bland. Ridiculously bland. It was like the inverse of the saying “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. Take dates, pepitas, mixed dried fruit and chopped nuts, and you’ve got yourself a sexy snack (or at least some trail mix) right there — but cooked up into this chewy, texturally-satisfying slice, something mysterious happens. Everything good evaporated out of mine. I really liked the idea of having them on hand like a portable shot of muesli or something, but no dice.

Luckily, heritage cooking to the rescue! Jam drops, from my Mumini’s recipe:

Jam droppery

Ah, a soft and crumbly biscuit with a chewy well of thick jam in the middle. Either plum or fig. You choose. Go on, take one. HAH! You can’t! They’re over here and you’re over there!

M gets one because he baked bread:


Jam drops are, I admit, not nearly as nutritious as the date and tahini bars, but they win the flavour battle hands-down. Once I realised I was eating the date and tahini bars out of obligation, not pleasure, I decided it wasn’t worth. Life’s too short. Do the fun stuff first.

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