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FO Report: Lacey Tunic

The lacey tunic, to my surprise, is finished!

haw haw haw I go

I feel like I had no hand in the production of this top. It’s gorgeous, comfortable and flattering, and I feel like it happened without me. Its appearance was effortless. I had some Naturally Haven 4ply merino to use up (a really really really really nice yarn, by the way: soft and springy and smooth and oooooh baby crimp my fringe) and the pattern is seriously cool. My gauge was waaaaay finer, however: the pattern calls for 18 sts/26 rows (over a 10cm square), and I got 28 sts/40 rows. Still, that was easy enough to work around: I figured out that if I worked through the pattern using the stitch count for the size 2X, that would be just about right. Turned out to be damn spot on. (Damn spot!)

I really love the lacework: I thought it was going to be a little more restrained than I wanted, but it opened up beautifully in the blocking. Here’s a mid-work close-up:

Lacey close up

The neckline is wonderful, too. Just pick up the stitches from the U-shaped scoop and work until you have a nice slouchy cowl. I can see that heavier yarns have the advantage here for making a deep, slouchy cowl: the lighter yarn isn’t weighed down as much, and so you can still sort of see where I picked up the stitches. But I think a heavier yarn for a sleeveless top wouldn’t work for me, and, as I said, I had some 4ply on hand. Here’s a close up of the neckline, with a bonus look at my now six-week-old baby dreadlocks.

serious knitting is serious

Pattern: Lacey tunic by Beautia Dew — awesome pattern. Clearly written and a really nice result.
Mods: Completely different yarn and gauge. Still turned out pretty damn fine.
Conclusion: Awesome pattern: you should totally knit it.

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