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Let the festivities commence!

I am officially declaring Book Week here at the Cutlery Drawer!

I read. Not as much as I want to, but a lot. I read articles, essays and blogs; I read plays and poetry; I read short stories and novels. I love talking about books with people and finding out what they’re reading. I love to read and it’s a dream of mine (one I share with every second humanities major) to be a paid book reviewer. I want to celebrate reading, but honestly we’d be here for months. So I’m going to limit myself to celebrating the reading of books. Hooray for books! Each post this week will be about reading and books, through my skewed lens.

I dedicate book week to the stack of books I have waiting for me to read them, with bookmarks erratically interspersed. To the books I am yet to meet but will love all the same. To the books I’ve read and that have become part of my mind. To all the books that have been on hiatus for so long that I need to start over: they are the bravest of all.

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