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Scratch that itch

But bethini, I hear you cry — oh yes, I hear you — what about the knitting?

I’ve been cooking a lot and posting a lot about food: but things are getting unbalanced around here and there needs to be more fibre. This was brought arrestingly to my attention when I reached into my bag to grab my camera and pricked myself on the WIP in there:

Why, what do you carry in your bag?

That, gentle reader, is a KNItting Project of Unusual Progress (KNIPUP). (And that next to it is a cucumber. I would love to masquerade as the kind of zany free spirit who carries cucumber in her bag all the time, but its presence is easily explained: on our last visit, Mumini loaded us up with so many that the carry bag was too full and I had to shove some in my bag. No biggie.)

It started life as the Sockhead Hat, with the intention that it would be a perfect top to my new dreadlocks as they went through their clumsy and frizzy stage (which, according to everything I’ve read online, should last six to twelve months). I got through the four inches of rib and started on the stockinette portion, fairly certain that I actually didn’t want four inches of rib because I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish the hat. Still, pressed on. I figured I’d just cast off when I got to the end of my yarn and then I’d have a tube with a ribbed beginning. I followed this plan and discovered that I only had enough yarn to make maybe an inch of stockinette after the four inches of ribbing. Definitely not enough stockinette. Frog time. I remembered how tedious it was to cast on 144 sts onto four dpns the first time around, and briefly considered slipping the needles into the yarn to pick up stitches and bypass the need to cast on again…but I had my ballwinder out and I was having fun, so I kept going. I cast on again, vaguely wondering if not changing anything about the pattern on this attempt was going to result in a successful conclusion, and decided I’d figure it out as I go and off I went.

See what I mean about Unusual Progress? Step forward, evaluate progress, shrug, step forward, predict annoyance, shrug, step forward, unravel, repeat. And I have loved every step. It hasn’t been tedious or frustrating, because I love the wool, I love the pattern: I’m actually more than happy to unravel and restart just to spin out the pleasure of knitting it. There’s obviously some itch in the back of my brain that just wants the cheerful repetition of an enjoyable and simple project. Pure pleasure process knitting.

PS — The yarn is Araucania Ranco sock yarn; the second half of the ball left after I made my Skew socks. It’s a really nice yarn, and I think it will be perfect for this, since there’s very little risk of it being machine-washed and felted. Again.

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