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Sunday night noodles

Okay, am I mad, or is this an accurate assessment of language use: when people refer to “[X]-night cooking”, they nearly always mean to suggest that they are tired and don’t want to cook and therefore the recipe must be simple and near-immediate. (Also, where should the question mark go in that sentence? I’m pretty sure there should be one somewhere. I’ll put one here ? as a backup.)

It would be easy for me to roll my eyes and sneer that people need to harden the fuck up and cook properly: the day of the week is not sufficient justification to eat crap. (Although, curiously, I’ve been known to apply the inverse: “Yay, it’s Tuesday! Let’s cook something awesome to celebrate!”) But I understand that not everyone gets wet panties about after-work food prep. That’s why the “Chicken Tonight” industry is so prosperous — people will gulp down chemical-laden bottled slop because they’re too pooped and rushed to notice it’s an abomination before Alton. So the “[X]-night cooking” approach from recipe developers is, I think, an awesome one. Lots of folks have it in their head that a decent feed involves hoooooours of preparation and thousands of obscure ingredients like, uh, broccoli; I think it’s really valuable when recipe writers take the “[X]-night cooking” angle and soothe trembling and tired would-be cooks.

Stone Soup is a particularly awesome find on that front: her blog has a fantastic range of delicious, varied, interesting and healthy dishes, all based on recipes that use only 5 ingredients or fewer. So cool: have a look. Sexy photos, too.

So anyway, speaking of tired cooking: we came back from an awesome weekend up the coast and decided we were a bit spanked to do anything too fancy…so M whipped up some udon:

This is the way we dry the noodles!

While they were resting, I threw some broth into a saucepan: vegan dashi stock (made from a packet), loads of chilli flakes, lemon juice, mint, basil and heaps of ginger. When that was simmering, I threw in a finely-chopped head of broccoli and M boiled the noodles in a separate pot (so they wouldn’t steal all the broth).

A bit of extra basil to serve, a sprinkling of gomashio because I freaking love that shit, and BAM: nourished.

Sunday noodlage

I love food. I love cooking. It’s relaxing and interesting and fun. It smells good. It tastes good. I like myself enough that food, warming, nourishing and delicious, isn’t a treat reserved for when I’m feeling alert and awake: it’s part of every day. That rocks.

Back porch noodles

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