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This is getting ridiculous

We had plums by the barrow-load; we had apples in abundance; now what?

What fruit through yonder window breaks?

I was tooling about in the front veggie bed, which is a generous euphemism for the tract of moderately weedy dirt out there, pretending not to notice the neighbours’ very timid greyhound tiptoeing around behind me and sniffing my footprints (trust is a slow process). And this baby caught my eye. I’m not even sure what this is. My garden is moving from gleefully generous to playfully enigmatic in its provisions.

Potentially zesty?

Definitely a citrus of some sort, but I’ve no idea what. There’s two of them:

Spot the two fruits!

I think I’ll have to bide my time to find out what they are. My initial assumption is that they would be either limes or lemons, but they’re very round. Plus, the leaves are on the smaller side, so perhaps mandarins? That would rock: I have a mandarin tree already! It’s part of our mighty orchard! (Half, actually.) Further rummaging revealed these pointy attachments:

Ohnoes! Lookouts!

But they’re mostly flexy and soft, not even slightly dangerous. I did some vigourous googling and discovered that thorns on citrus are about as rare as stripes on cats: heaps of limes, lemons, grapefruits, oranges and mandarins have thorns on their new growth in order to discourage nom-seeking ruminators. So that gets me nowhere. I’m going to have to wait and see.

I wish I could get hold of the previous owners of the house and thank them for all their planting. We’ve got an apple tree, a mystery citrus (a mystrus?), many many plums, a grapevine and an almond tree. It’s completely awesome. I’d like to think they were preparing for when the revolution comes. I know I am.

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