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Black is the new knitting

One of the best things about my new house is that the back deck is perfect for knitting photography.

Why hello...

Black yarn, fairly fine gauge, lacey detail: photography nightmare? No sweat. Even my little camera can…sorry? Oh, this? Yes, it’s a new project. You’re right, I haven’t mentioned anything yarn-related since I posted the FO report on Coachella. Took me a while to settle on what to make next.

Shortly before I finished Coachella, if you recall — I’ll wait, you have a think — got it? — I finished the Agave tank. Which is awesome and I completely love it. Absolutely smitten. But the first day I wore it, it went from saucy scoopy neckline to Julia-Roberts-as-Erin-Brockovitch, bra-cups-as-design-feature neckline in a few hours as the bamboo relaxed. I thought maybe I could get away with just wearing a wrap or a cardigan or something every time I wore it, but I’ve learned this much about myself: that ain’t gonna happen. What will actually happen is: every time I wear it, I will forget to pack a wrap/shrug/cardigan and spend the whole day cursing my top and readjusting it indiscreetly.  Eventually I would avoid wearing it, except occasionally out of obligation, and the whole thing would spiral into a dark, heaving, dry-sobbing cycle of bleakness.  Don’t really want that. So I grabbed my needles and I fixed it. I unravelled two or three inches from each strap and resewed them. Too short. I unpicked my sturdy weaving-in and reknitted an extra inch on both. Perfect. It’s been through the wash twice since that step and survived — nay, thrived!

The moral of this story is this: pull your finger out, you lazy bint, and you’ll end up with something awesome. It’s a principle I’m applying in the growth of my new black top, the Lacey Tunic. My gauge is much finer than the pattern’s, so I cast on a size large (hand-wavey maths) and the sizing looks about right to me (hand-wavey fitting).

Now that I look at it, this lace looks familiar...

Hmm, that lace pattern is actually a little Agave in nature — I’m clearly developing some sort of knitting/cactus association.

This is a great pattern so far: predictable enough to work on while talking or whatever, but not boring. I’ve just finished the a-line lacey bottom half, and the seed stitch waistline. I’m having a hoot knitting it, and assuming my hand-wavey maths works, the fit will make me look like a zillion spanks. Love it.

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