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FO Report: Agave

My have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too knitting experiment is concluding and the early signs point to TRIUMPH. Having calculated that I had enough bamboo to make one of the two tanks I wanted, I got a cramp in the brain and decided to make both anyway. The first to finish: the Agave tank.

Agave lace in detail (I’ve used this picture before):

You may remember me from such blog posts as...

To crossed i-cord straps, bethini says YES: .

A fine day to wear an Agave!

I seriously love this tank. (Despite my facial expression.)

Walking like an Egyptian is serious business

Pattern: Bamboo Agave by Andrea Rangel, as wicked a lace-mistress as ever I’ve seen in the knit-o-sphere.

Mods: Made it considerably shorter, losing about four repeats of the lace pattern. I’d love to make this again (oooh, in indigo) and make it longer. Still, I think it looks pretty awesome even as a cropped lace top. I think a longer version would also make the lace more drapey, and pull the back down a little more, due to the extra weight, and I’d like that.

Yarn: South West Trading Company’s Bamboo. Slinky, cool, soft, shiny stuff: God, I love it to bits.

Overall rating: YES. This pattern is beautiful and interesting in concept and then clearly explained and logical in layout: all things I love in a pattern. I strongly recommend you purchase and make it immediately.

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