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Joined at birth

The body of Agave is finished!

A lace!

But wait…the cord has not been cut…

Umbilicus intacta!

…follow, follow…

Where could it lead?

Why, there’s a whopper on the end of this string! A Coachella!

Reel it in!

Actually, a flattened Coachella does kinda look like a fish:

The wily Coachella

I am both indecisive and greedy, although I prefer to describe myself as “carefully considers all options” and “tries to get as much out of life as possible”. So when I have to choose between Coachella and Agave, my first question is ‘can’t I have both?’ The answer is ‘you’re pretty low on yarn…probably not’. And then I start whining, and the answer changes to ‘oh, fine, whatever: just don’t come grizzling to me when it all goes to pot’.

Agave is a straightfoward a-line tank. Start at the top and incease between the panels of lace as you descend: that makes it way easy to simply stop when you decide it’s long enough. Coachella, also top-down, is shaped. I cultivated the following plan: Finish Coachella until it was a comfortable minimum length, but don’t cut the yarn. Work on Agave until it reached minimum length, then check both tops and see if there’s enough yarn to finish both without sacrificing a good fit on either. After I finished Coachella, I cast off but left the yarn ball hanging: then, when I ran out of all my other yarn while finishing Agave, I found the other end of the Coachella yarn ball and began knitting with it.

So currently, both tops are nearly finished, but joined by just a couple of metres of yarn — joined at the hip, you might say, if you were so inclined. (Don’t.)

Joined at birth

Some delicate surgery will soon be required to separate them if they are to lead independent lives.

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