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Holy cow summer knitting!

It’s the first time in quite a while that the two major factors have aligned: the rain is not raining, and the photographer (c’est moi) is interested! And so: behold my WIPs! In the sunshine! I’m amazed I could hold the camera still because I was DANCING! LA LA LA!


At the back is cooo-cooo-ca-choo-Coachella! An incredibly straightforward knit, I’m afraid it’s not very bloggable: a tank of subtly-shaped stockinette does not gripping photography make. But I’ve done a really nice job on it: the fabric is lovely and even, and it fits like a charm. I decided to change the pattern because the yarn is one of the nicest things in this world (including yoghurt) and I wanted to use it. It’s South West Trading Company’s Bamboo, which I bought a gerzillion balls of back in the day and have been hoarding like a birdwatcher hoards tits.   I made my first Intolerable Cruelty from it, which is the most awesome flicky-sexy-shapely skirt in zie world; and now I’m trying to squeeze two summer tops out of it.  Which is why I haven’t cast off Coachella yet: it’s long enough, but if I can make it a bit bigger, that would make it even better. So, from the having-your-cake-and-eating-it-too category, may I present WIP No. 2: the Agave Tank.

In glorious technicolour

As you can see from the designer’s site and not from my pictures, this is a powerful fine a-line, hip-length lacy tank, and I WANT IT. But being stumpy in the torso has its advantage: I think I may be able to stop the Agave Tank an inch or two early without any serious negative impact on the overall result.  Thereby securing for myself a lacy, cactus-inspired tank and a stockinette racer back tank all in one glorious swoop. Yes. YES!

It’s summer and I’m using up my Bamboo. I’m completely splutz about this yarn and the only thing making up for its soon-to-be absence in my yarn stash is the soon-to-be presence of these two tops in my drawer. BRB, more dancing.

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