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I am it.


Mess! Whee!

This is my upended indecision pile. There’s swatches in Merino Supreme, a ball and swatch of Bendigo Woollen Mills in crimson, the leftover balls from Mumini’s Rediscovery top, some rogue bamboo, some linen/cotton, some kitchen cotton, my needles, more swatches, scribbles, notebooks — strewth.

The best thing about the Rediscovery project is that it was all ready to go as soon as I needed a new project to work on. I swatched for it and cast on years ago, and the needles and marked-up pattern were all wrapped in a bag with the yarn. I just had to follow basic instructions laid out by bethini-of-the-past. No decision making required.  Now it’s done and I’ve been dithering with all the sense of a lorikeet that just flew into the sliding door. I’m indecisive.  I’d like to put a positive spin on it and say it’s because I give fair consideration to all possibilities and options: but the fact is I’m indecisive because I don’t want to miss out on something better. I also get significantly more indecisive when sleepy…

Steaming thinking juice

…so I had a short piping cup of wake the hell up and started sorting through the mess.  It’s summertime, so I’m leaning away from sweaters and woolly bullies — balls and swatches of wool got put back in the stash cupboard. The rogue bamboo and linen/cotton blend stayed in the Now Knitting bag, because I have vague plans for them that will probably never come to fruition.  And then there’s this monstrosity:

The ugly face of indecision

Ayup.  This is, I freely admit, a needle-filler.  We were heading out for the evening and I had nothing to knit, so I grabbed some kitchen cotton and the pattern for BYOB and away we went. The bottom is done in black-and-white, the body in black, and I definitely didn’t have enough yarn to make it. I don’t know what I thought I’d do when I ran out of yarn.

Sometimes needle-fillers work out fine: you surprise yourself by creating something you might not have otherwise tried.  But not this time. Destined for the frog pond — why haven’t I done so already, you may ask?


Because I’ve fallen hard for a sexy new project and have eyes for nothing else.  Thank you, we’re very happy.  More details to come.

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