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Things that please me

If I intended this to be a comprehensive exploration of the above title, this would be a long post indeed.  I could probably have a whole blog dedicated to the topic.  And what a twee, dull blog it would be.  So, instead, I’ve confined myself to the things that are pleasing me, right now, this very second, on this soggy spring Sunday morning.

Fruit with leaves on them:

The stem is the fruit's bellybutton!

Everyone knows that an apple with a leaf on it is the pinnacle of appledom. And I love the chubby, warty, slouchy, unpolished look of fresh fruit from the farmers’ markets. Reminds me of myself.

Multi-coloured capsicums!

Taste the rainbow!

I’ve been buying my veggies from the farmers’ markets for ages now, mostly due to a phobia of supermarket trolleys. When I go to supermarkets now, I’m seriously weirded out by their vegetables: the uniformity and shininess of their produce gives me the creeps. It’s like children of the corn, but, like, with corn. I am a sworn follower of the nobbly and unpredictably curvy capsicum.

The flourishing herb forest in the kitchen:


Basil growing haywire in the hydroponic dealie. ‘Nuff said.

Finally: blueberry jam and fresh brioche baked triumphantly by me:

Did I mention THE AWESOME?

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