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Purling perils

So I haven’t been blogging much about my knitting lately, mostly because what I’m working on at the moment is both (a) secret; and (b) boring. It’s not tippity-top-top secret, but there’s a slight chance the lady in question may read this here webbidy-site. I’d be able to work around that, but it’s also a project that is easily 99% stockinette and therefore progress reports are not that interesting. And then I remembered the fantastic macro setting on my camera.

Knitting for somebody else is riddled with perils. Will it fit? Will they hate it? Will this reveal my perspective of their personality is offensively flawed? (“No, seriously, I thought you’d be totally into a vest covered in cabled swastikas!”) Am I wasting precious time and yarn? Giving someone crap sucks, and the definition of ‘crap’ is surprisingly fluid.

The purls are LAVA!

I have given knitted gifts away in the past that were duds — major duds. Full of mistakes you could see from space. I still squinted and put my head to one side and thought “yeah, it’ll be fine”. Are there more ominous words in the English language than “nobody will notice”? When I was a wee bethini, learning to play the clarinet (which was about as tall as I was), I figured that nobody would notice mistakes when I was playing because they didn’t have the sheet music. If they couldn’t see what I meant to play, how could they know I’d stuffed up? Logic! It’s tempting to apply the same logic here, to assume the uninitiated can’t tell the difference between a cockup and a flawless execution of avant-garde genius. Doesn’t work like that. If you knit crap, people will be able to tell. Especially people upon whom you foist your gifts.

Tracts of rib

I am pretty sure this will be okay. The style matches the intended recipient’s colours and tastes, and I don’t think I’ve ballsed up the sizing. But the tension builds. The knitting is complete, the pieces are drying, and I’m pretending that the miles of seaming I have to do will be novel rather than horrifically tedious; soon it will be ready to give away!

Okay, I'll admit it: it's a sleeve.

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