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FO Report-Restart Vest

Once there lay a sweater, complete and unloved, which ached in its innermost plies to be reborn.

In the beginning..,

Rebirth, like birth, involves pain. Well, no, it doesn’t. It’s mostly metaphorical. But in order to rebuild the sweater into the form it truly desired, to release the truest form of this yarn, I had to break it down into its component forms:

Think of them as big, woolly atoms.

And then begin recomposing the component forms, coaxing their truest form into fruition. Beautiful, really.

Restart complete!

Not to mention speedy! Knitting this sucker took me…let’s see…hang on, I’m just checking the photo EXIF data…nope…ah, Ravelry! I claim on Ravelry to have cast on 1 September, and it is now 4 October. That’s a month from go-to-whoa, babies, for a whole vest. You’ll notice I’m conveniently glossing over the six-week hiatus between unravelling the original sweater and casting on the vest — and I don’t think I’ll even bother mentioning the extended pause between reclaiming the sweater from the original recipient and unravelling it. It just takes the buff off my buns.

I haven’t blocked her yet, because there’s a chance the recipient will bounce through the door At Any Second and want to take it home, and she won’t want it wet, now, will she? I’m also having a bit of trouble with photographing it. Normally, the stalwart knitting blogger photographs the finished object outdoors, where light is optimal, having had a makeover/manicure/facelift or something. Since the vest isn’t my size, there seemed little point photographing it on me, but I’m short of other options. I tried some local furniture:

but what posture!

Which gave the whole thing a slightly more cubic shape than I would consider accurate.  I thought about draping it over some shrubbery, but I’m not sure the potato plants are up to it yet:

Magnificent, but not yet modelling material.

So I brought the vest back inside for my last resort: stuffed toys.  The vest is draped here over Barney, who has been pressed out of retirement and into active modelling service, but with little success in terms of displaying the finished work.  Barney lacks the embonpoint of the vest recipient.

You're never alone with Barney!

Absence of appropriately supportive models aside, this vest was a fun knit! I loved freeing up the yarn from the original sweater and giving it another chance.  Makes me feel good to turn an unworn and unwanted something into a new and (potentially) adored something.

Pattern: Back-to-School U-Neck Vest by Stephanie Japel (from Fitted Knits) — really good, straightforward pattern, but look up the errata before you get started, because there’s some pretty significant corrections you need to make note of.

Yarn: Cleckheaton’s Merino Supreme, harvested from a sweater (which, now that I think of it, was also from Fitted Knits).

Pretty damn pleased with myself right about now.

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