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Some days I struggle with perspective, and so I’m not 100% certain that the following is exciting to anybody in the whole world but me. This sense of doubt lead me to wonder if I should bother mentioning it at all — but then I thought, hey, it’s my blog! If it’s exciting to me, it goes up.

Our New House has a little patch of dirt among all the shrubs which has all the hallmarks of being an erstwhile vegetable patch. I’m not keen on gardening, but I love vegetables, so I thought I’d give it a burl. I found a sprouty potato in the cupboard that nobody was using and buried it. Turns out we own nothing that would facilitate digging in a garden bed (well, nothing that wasn’t already doing duty in the kitchen like forks and ladles), so I can proudly say I sowed the potato crop with my bare hands. And holy cow it did something!


I don’t know enough to even say with confidence that this IS a potato, but the point remains: something green and sprouty is happening at approximately the same geographical location as where I did something previously! This can’t be a fluke!



I have been monitoring its status regularly — I’m not at the stage where I’m measuring it every day and recording its height in a book or anything, just a quick peep if I’m in the vicinity — and it’s flourishing. I’m excited by the possibility of growing potatoes!

I wonder how the mouldy pumpkin seeds I shoved in the dirt are coming along?

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