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FO Report – Wurm!

I don’t think I’ve ever had to knit much out of necessity up until recently.  Just this winter, I’ve needed to knit a lot more functional stuff than I recall having had to in the past.  My thick winter socks, light of my feet, apple of my boots, are a pretty good example. My Wham Bam Thank You Lamb neckwarmer is another — scarves I got, but when you’re dabbling in some light travel and bushwalking, a neckwarmer kicks the arse of any scarf. The Mossy Tendrils sweater may not have been a necessity when I cast it on, but the fact that I have more or less lived in it since binding off (still haven’t woven in the ends at the armpits, but nobody sees them anyway) suggests it is filling a need I didn’t know I had. Although the word “necessity” can carry negative connotations, I love that nearly everything I’m making is being immediately put to use, or has a need to fulfil: it means everything I’m making makes my life better. Things that get put aside “for good” or “for special occassions” give me the raging heebie-jeebies (in bad cases, I break out in hinkadinks), and that applies to crockery, clothes, books, pens, everything.

Wurm is the sister to the Wham Bam Thank You Lamb neckwamer; same yarn, both featuring very simple knitting.  Just as satisfying to make and pretty damn wurm warm, I have to say.  Simple rib, then alternating stripes of stockinette/reverse stockinette, then when it’s long and slouchy, you pull together some swift decreases and then thread through the last couple of stitches. I added a little i-cord tail because that’s how I roll, motherlovers.

Warm wormy warm wurm!

Ignore the hunchback: that’s a hoodie.

Pattern: Wurm from umshlagplatz, a word I intend to incorporate more into my daily vocabulary, perhaps as an expression of surprise.

Yarn: Merino Supreme in squashed grape stain colour.

Mods: i-cord tail after threading up those last couple of stitches.

Really warm and slouchy and funky. Fell over in the snow a few times while wearing it and can attest to its warmth and cushiness as a pattern. (Note absence of pronouns to emphasise professional evaluation.)

Observe how snug our ever-charming model Totoro is in Wurm:

Totoro displaying full wurminess

I will say this: I wouldn’t want to knit it in anything heavier. On the ballband, Merino Supreme is an aran-weight yarn, although it’s definitely lighter and springier than most aran-weights, but you end up using enough the hat is on the heavy side. Still comfy, still warm, but you wouldn’t want it any heavier.  Or you might. It’s your head.

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