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I gots questions. Well, one for now.

M and I are zooming off to sunny Tasmania for a week of looking for whales, noodling around National Parks and potentially buying an alpaca in order to carry home all the cheese we plan on buying (alpacas don’t eat cheese, right?). But before I depart there’s something I would like to raise:

Dilemma: what should you do when you want both a breath mint and a bathroom break? I have trouble working out in what order to conduct these two tasks.  If I have the mint first, I feel I have to delay the bathroom break because having a mint is a primitive, remedial form of eating and one does not eat while one conducts a bathroom break.  On the other hand, if you come back from the john and immediately have a breath mint, it looks a bit odd.  There’s something about needing oral refreshment after a visit to the loo that just doesn’t sit right with me.

This is just one of the issues facing me as I try and make a meaningful path through the modern world.

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