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With apologies to Keats.

Oh what can trouble thee, knitter fine,
Alone and madly tinking,
Your needles are scattered all about
But no knitting?

Oh what can trouble thee, knitter fine,
Tearful and frustrated,
Surrounded by miles of fore-knit yarn,
Recently liberated?

I see the ballwinder spinning fast,
With muttered curses and aching hands,
And in thy eyes a fast-fading hope
Of truth in ballbands.

I met a skein in my searching,
Full beautiful – by faeries spun,
The fibre was soft, the ply was tight,
And its halo caught the sun.

I brought it home still fondling,
With each caress I swooned;
I balled it up and stroked its length,
And gently crooned.

I twisted it lovingly in my hands,
And held it in the light;
Sighing, wondered what pattern awaited,
Which would be right.

I swatched it diligently, so determined,
To knit it up as it deserved,
I even washed, dried and remeasured
To cast out all reserves.

Euphoric at my precise swatching
I chose a pattern, perfect matched,
But then from my beloved fibre egg,
Disaster hatched.

The swatch had deceived me most cruelly,
I cursed its unkind lies
As I unravelled the project entire,
With weeping eyes.

Still the yarn sang sweetly to me,
I sought my needles, tried again:
But I could only produce abominations
From my beloved skein.

I took a break; fell full asleep;
And dreamed of knitters fearful,
Who showed me fists of broken needles,
With eyes tearful.

So many broken craftspeople,
Carpal tunnel had they all,
They cried “La Belle Yarn sans Merci
Hath thee in thrall!”

So that is why you find me here,
Alone and madly tinking,
And why there are needles strewn about,
But no knitting.

...alone and palely loitering...

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