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Did you know: on Ravelry, there’s a whole group dedicated to untangling knots for you? It’s called “Knot a Problem”, (because everyone knows that if you start a Ravelry group without incorporating a pun into the title somehow, monsters eat your eyeballs out of their sockets while you sleep) and I can only tip my bonnet to them. I spent some time this afternoon pursuing the yarn ends in this baby — well-knit but a poor-fit, it’s going to be transformed:

Innocent and entire

And it turns out I’m a freaking yarn-end-weaving Ninja. I managed to get the first sleeve seam undone a couple of weeks ago, and then threw in the towel when I couldn’t find the second sleeve’s seam.  Some subtle hints from Mumini suggested she would like the transformation of her sweater to take place before winter (THIS winter) is over, so I hauled it out today and continued my pursuit. Oh, my. This starts to look a bit shocking.  This is the armpit hole that permitted me to find the sleeve seam’s woven-in end (don’t look if unravelled knitting upsets you):

It's normal to feel a little ill

Finding that yarn end was a dizzying high. The realisation I’m dorky enough to dance around the room upon finding it (the phrase “Who’s your daddy?” wasn’t actually used, but was definitely implied) was a crushing low. I unpicked the seam and started on the collar.

Thought you could escape destiny, yarn end?

Actually, I found unravelling the collar kinda depressing, because I did a fantastic job on it.  The picked up stitches were snug and tidy, the seam good, the cast-off perfect.  But what value is a collar on a sweater nobody wears? None, that’s what. I wiped my eyes in a brave and stalwart fashion and got out the ballwinder.

Tremble, wayward knitting projects

Spent the afternoon turning the above sweater into noodly yarn cakes.  And, what’s more, I did it right in front of my knits-in-progress bag so that my other knitting could see what happens to knits that don’t behave themselves.  Bad knits go on to become yarn cakes. Of noodles. Of yarn. Turns out to be a bit more of a time-suck than I anticipated, though: you sort of think that unravelling will just be (a) find end; (b) stick end of jumper into ball winder; (c) wheeee!; (d) yarn.  Instead, there’s heaps of sub-steps that involve thinking menacing thoughts about everything; hating the whole process and wishing you’d never agreed to it; begging your housemate for cups of tea; resenting the very existence of people who just love untangling stuff.  Then you feel kind of petty and embarrassed: and then there’s heaps of yarn! Huzzah!

Delicious yarn cakes!

At first I was a bit grouchy because I felt like I’d spent a whole afternoon unknitting when I could have, feasibly, been knitting — but I’ve decided to be Grown Up about it and accept that I’ve spent a whole afternoon producing yarn for my next project. So Zen! This sense of achievement will probably get me through the inevitable next step: smugly stashing the yarn and forgetting to actually cast on.

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