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I may have crossed a line…

I always knew I was a hippy at heart. I guess it was just a matter of time until it became apparent to those that surrounded me.


(a) brown rice.

My parentinis, not hippies, used to say “Peace, Love, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Brown rice and Incense”. I knew I loved peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll from a pretty early age, and I used to like incense, too, until the cheap stuff started making me wheeze.  But I never knew until now: I love brown rice!  Wow. Chewier, nuttier, more flavoursome and generally more interesting and delicious than any white rice, brown rice is incredible! Gotta get me some more.  I’m yet to try wild rice, since that stuff is expensive around here, but I am doubly — nay, triply — keen after the satisfaction of brown rice.  Mmmmmm.

(b) home made everything.

Sometimes out of laziness, occasionally out of too-tipsy-to-drive-to-the-shops-ness, but mostly out of curiosity, I’ve gradually started making everything I can, especially food-wise. I think M and I have only bought two loaves of bread since we moved into our new house two months ago, preferring our own hand-kneaded loaves.  Similarly, I can’t remember when I last bought dried pasta or pre-made muesli.  My instincts have gradually shifted from “Must remember to try that next time I’m at the shops” to “I bet I can make that myself” and it’s awesome. As a knitter and sporadic sewer, this attitude was already in place for some things, so it was a pretty painless transition.

(c) home-made cosmeceuticals.

My skin went to, well, shit last week. Being both lazy and uninterested in shopping for cosmeceuticals (I love that word: unnecessarily cumbersome and I’m not 100% sure how to pronounce it), I did some enthusiastic Googling instead and found many a recipe for home-made skin care.  It only occurred to me later that mixing up your own skincare products based on some random website may result in scarring, staining or general blotchiness and boils. It turns out I have enough faith in the internet to just plunge straight in and slap any old home chemistry on my person. Whee! Most DIY skin care makes use of ground oats, avocado, honey and bananas, which sounds more like a delicious meal to me. Reluctant to waste beloved porridge oats on skin care, I decided on an aspirin-based scrub: a blend of plain aspirin, honey and just enough water to make a paste (which is very very little, I should warn you).  It was hard to apply, kinda crunchier than I thought it would be, and after about ten minutes or so most of the moisture had evaporated and I was beginning to shed granules of aspirin wherever I went — but after rinsing it off and patting my skin dry, it felt really nice.  I’ve done it twice now and both times have ended up with smoother, softer and less red skin, whether from the exfoliating crunchiness of the ground-up aspirin or through the presence of acetylsalicylic acid (which has some similarities to salicylic acid, commonly used in pimple-treating stuff), I’m not sure. I don’t do the skincare boogie very often, but it’s kinda cool to have a couple of DIY tricks up my sleeve for when the urge strikes.

I embrace this hippydom with a sense of peace and relief. Pass me my tofu, help me join the Greens Party and then get the hell out of my way: I’ve got a world to save and a mainstream lifestyle to reject.

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