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FO Report – Mossy Tendrils

I’m sure that, like me, you don’t really get to choose your knitting projects as they’re chosen for you.  Personally, mine selected by a team of zebras with a curiously high interest in all things sartorial and fibre-related. “This one.” They say, standing around me in a stripey ring of stern instruction. “Knit this one.” And the zebra standing next to the spokeszebra will flutter the printed pattern at me in a pointed fashion (which has explained the mystery behind why we go through printer ink so quickly and also why my pattern books are covered in hoof marks).

Sometimes the zebras choose a pattern based on how complex, challenging or curious it is: some serious obstacles, others real snoozey, when-will-it-end-knits. It all depends on what the zebras think will be funnier to watch. If they’re feeling a bit ashamed of fucking about with me, they’ll pick out socks or washcloths or something else soothing, but that’s just to keep me guessing. Sometimes they choose the pattern based on what they think my wardrobe is lacking.  They spend far too much time discussing the deficiencies of my wardrobe, to be honest.

Anyway, I finished Mossy Tendrils last night, and I think the zebras might be on to something. This is definitely something my wardrobe lacked and I was really eager to have it on me.

Tendrilly sleeve detail

Yarn: Bendigo Classic 8ply in Mallard (MALLARD!) – just shy of two 200g balls, so about 800m.

Pattern: Baby Cables and Big Ones Too (size S)

Mossy Tendrils and me, just hanging out at the table

Needles: 4.5mm all the way!  Want a quick insight into how petty the zebras are with knitting patterns? They really hate patterns that involve switching needle size after the hem or cuffs — they say I never remember to switch and end up with one smaller sleeve or something like that. They’re so judgmental.

I know everyone says that swatches lie, but I’m not sure mine did — I think I just ignored the truthful bits it was telling me.  I swatched — I’ve got evidence of it, because I leave my swatches attached to the ball until the end of the project, in case I need to harvest the yarn for seaming or whatever — and the swatch gave me gauge on 4.5mm needles.  But I had a little nagging voice, too small to be a zebra, that I should go down to 4mm needles, which completely ignored.  So the gauge is looser over the whole top, making it bigger than I wanted originally, but I think it still works.  I’m still in the honeymoon phase, so it may turn out that, in a week or so, I’m annoyed and fed up and itching to unravel it, but right now, I like it.  Nice pick, zebras: what have you got lined up for me next?

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