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The thick chewy sock leaps over the lazy dog

I don’t know what it means either. Let’s talk about socks!

sexy legs, right there.

It is wintertime and my chronically cold feet were protesting.  I love how warm my Doc Marten boots are, especially when coupled with handknit socks, but this winter the handknits didn’t seem to quite cut the mustard.  Enter the thick, chewy bootsock.

Mmmm, chewy.

I love them. They’re the footwear equivalent of udon noodle soup. Thick and soft and warm and chewy. Aran weight yarn makes super fast bootsocks, too: my record is currently a pair in two days. I’m up to my fourth pair, and these ones I’m thinking of doing something a bit fancier up the leg, like a wee cable or fisherman’s rib or something.

Our table gets chilly ankles.

I can’t believe how warm these babies are.  They’re soft, snug, fit perfectly into my boots, and did I mention fast to knit? The yarn is thick and comfy to handle; the pattern straightforward (it’s from ma haid!); and they’re scratching some probably-stress-related psychological itch, so they’re arguably medicinal. I’m totally hot for bootsocks right now. You should be, too.

Enigmatic, shy: the elusive bootsock.

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