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{ Monthly Archives } July 2010


This weekend has been fun: I’ve been as focused as a giraffe’s fart.  I keep wandering into the next room and finding jobs I started a while ago and got distracted from.  I start things while waiting for something else to finish and the next thing I know I’ve got fourteen browser tabs either uploading […]



Did you know: on Ravelry, there’s a whole group dedicated to untangling knots for you? It’s called “Knot a Problem”, (because everyone knows that if you start a Ravelry group without incorporating a pun into the title somehow, monsters eat your eyeballs out of their sockets while you sleep) and I can only tip my […]


Two finished

I need to talk about books again!  This week I finished two books I’ve never read before, and both, I am smugly proud to say, are from the “I Have Been Meaning To Read That” shelf. Yes, I know: take a moment to reflect on how great I am. I’ll take the same moment to […]


I may have crossed a line…

I always knew I was a hippy at heart. I guess it was just a matter of time until it became apparent to those that surrounded me. Evidence! (a) brown rice. My parentinis, not hippies, used to say “Peace, Love, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Brown rice and Incense”. I knew I loved peace, love and rock ‘n’ […]

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FO Report – Mossy Tendrils

I’m sure that, like me, you don’t really get to choose your knitting projects as they’re chosen for you.  Personally, mine selected by a team of zebras with a curiously high interest in all things sartorial and fibre-related. “This one.” They say, standing around me in a stripey ring of stern instruction. “Knit this one.” […]

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Poetry to the rescue!

I have had a rough time at work lately. I realise ten-hour days and a workload like standing in front of a puke-spewing fire hose is the norm in some workplaces, but it took a coworker’s sudden illness to establish that situation for me, and I don’t like it much (although I guess now I can say […]


The thick chewy sock leaps over the lazy dog

I don’t know what it means either. Let’s talk about socks! It is wintertime and my chronically cold feet were protesting.  I love how warm my Doc Marten boots are, especially when coupled with handknit socks, but this winter the handknits didn’t seem to quite cut the mustard.  Enter the thick, chewy bootsock. I love […]

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A couple of years ago (sweet merciful French fries, years? Yes. Huh.) I made my Mumini a sweater.  It was in one of my (then) favourite yarns, Cleckheaton’s Merino Supreme, in olive green — and there is a whole rant up my well-cabled sleeve about that particular yarn, the heartbreaker; that callous, cruel, deceptive…focus, focus.  Having […]

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