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FO Report: Silvery shiny sands

Well, I didn’t quite finish Silver Sands before the move, but I did a week later: we moved into our new place on Friday, and I finished them the Saturday of the week after — that’s gotta count for some sort of commendation, right? I’d settle for a poorly-printed participation certificate. Anyway, they’re gorgeous. This project has had a funny history.  I bought the yarn on a whim and began to regret it almost immediately.  I had begun thinking seriously about how much money I spend on unnecessary things, and to buy a swag of new yarn when I really, really had enough already, conflicted with that.  Plus, however beautiful and soft and tender, it’s a variegated colourway with touches of brown, and those are both things that are conspicuously absent in my wardrobe, though.  Painfully aware that I had made a mistake (and not a cheap one) with this purchase, I cast on a pattern that would at least do justice to the softness and the variegation — after all, there’s no bad yarn, just misplaced.  I settled on the Prismatic Scarf:

Soft start

And so I trundled along, knitting every row with moderately-gritted teeth, aware I was stitching away at a project I wasn’t ever going to wear — or if I did, it would only be out of a misguided sense of obligation.  But! Salvation! Mumini saw what I was up to and plotzed.  She couldn’t stop fondling the soft, fluffy yarn; she couldn’t stop eyeball-fondling the gentle stripes the yarn created; she looked envious — I’m no genius, but I figured out the next logical step.  Scarf for Mumini, with matching fingerless mitts:

Shadowy mitts!

Making up a mitt pattern to match the Prismatic Scarf was really straight forward: I just made simple fingerless gloves, with some 2×2 rib around the cuff, then stockinette on the palm and a variation of the Prismatic Scarf pattern across the tops of the hands (the pattern worked over lots of two stitches rather than three, as per the original); a simple horizontal thumbhole, then continue until you get bored and finish with some more 2×2 rib.  (More detailed notes in this previous post.) Once they were done (and in my haste, I neglected to photograph them), I finished the scarf, using up all the yarn I had and gleefully giving it away to the recipient right on the spot.  Looks mighty fine, and I’m glad I’ve found a welcoming home for it:

Yarn: Morris Quartet 8ply, a loosely-plied soy/wool blend which is extremely soft and fluffy and nice to work with.

Pattern: Prismatic Scarf, as mentioned, plus invented mitts to match. No mods.  Awesome pattern, too, which produces a nice, flat scarf.

Soft, lovely, and a welcome gift — from both points of view. I was glad to have someone to give it to, and Mumini was delighted to receive it.

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