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F is for F(l)ail

I gotta ‘fess up — I didn’t finish all the Unfinished Business that I had hoped to before we moved house.  I’d like to tell you that it was by the skin of my teeth, that it was entirely due to bad luck and that I was *that* close to finishing all the knitting projects, all the unread books, all the unpolished writing projects I had simmering away, and the only reason I didn’t get them all done before the move, like I promised, was due to a completely unexpected panther stampede or something. But frankly, I suspect the writing was on the wall for this one for a loooong time. That’s the thing about self-imposed, arbitrary challenges, though: you’re too deep into them to see the wall, let alone read the writing on it.


Had hoped to finish:

– Skew socks: DONE! Woo! Prompted me to renew my hope that all the other stuff would miraculously be done.

– Silver sands scarf and matching mitts: probably would have finished if I hadn’t gotten past the thumbhole of the second mitt and realised that I had written down the instructions with all the accuracy of a giddy koala and had to rip back nearly an entire mitt and restart.  Have since finished both mitts, although the scarf is still on the needles. But seriously, only a few rows left, I swear!

– Mermaid gloves: Nope. Didn’t even pick them up.

– Mossy Tendrils: *ironic braying laughter* Snork. Ah, you slay me. Finish all the above AND a sweater, however advanced in progress? Pah.


I feel like I made better progress with the reading frenzy than the knitting one. I think it’s because I can take reading to work and read in lulls or lunchbreaks; whereas bringing my knitting to work puts me on the edge of a rabbit’s hole of lost time and potential reprimands.  But, sadly, it was not to be. I was toying with waxing lyrical about how reading is an activity that deserves respectful patience and should not be bound by reading deadlines etc.: but frankly, any student up to their nipples in “Write 2,000 words on Great Expectations by next week” could tell you that, and I suspect I was just using it as a justification for my complete failure to meet my own deadline.  And ya know what? I don’t care that much.

So where does that leave you now, smarty-pants?

Knitting list:
– Mossy tendrils — found the bag, found the pattern, found my mojo: full steam ahead.  Mind you, full steam ahead on a sweater is still round-and-round-we-go-when-does-the-stockinette-end, but I’m definitely past the waist and hip shaping, so it’s just a little burst to the end of the body and then on with the sleeves.

– Silver sands — exciting developments! Stay tuned!

– Mermaid gloves — no progress. Hands have been cold lately, though, so maybe that will be enough to jumpstart me.

Reading list:
Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony
Things I Learned From Knitting
A Room of One’s Own
Five Quarters of the Orange
Tempests After Shakespeare
Sexual Personae

These, I emphasise, are only the ones I’ve started reading recently. If I were to do a true-and-honest list, taking stock of every book that currently has a bookmark of mine in it, well, I would probably have to go and lie down or quit my job or something (Scene: I ring early Monday morning: “No, I won’t be in this week, either…I found out I never finished reading The Name of the Rose two years ago. Who’d’a thought? Anyway, I’ll call you when I get to the end, okay?” Fade out to sound of ruffling pages.)

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