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{ Monthly Archives } June 2010

Nestling: Part Two

I am on a nourish jag.  Moving house, the death of a friend and some rough slog at work has resulted in me being tired, fretful and not much fun to be around.  The cure? Nourish.  I keep chanting the word to myself like a soothing pulse: norrr-issh; norrr-issh; norrr-issh; and then M tells me […]

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Nestling: Part One

I have a new house! (The capsicum bushes were a big selling point. Drawn in gimp.) M and I have been nestling into our new territory by cooking.  On our first weekend, M made a gloriously tasty batch of croissants. Ooooh, croissants: you taste even better when you are made in celebration of a new […]

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Small discoveries

Like happy little geckoes, we are settling into our new hollow log and I am learning new things about it all the time.  It turns out M and I aren’t the kind of sharp-eyed, high-cheekboned, young-and-ruthlessly-ascendant real estate moguls you might see on a polished reality TV show.  We’re more the kind of wool-hat-wearing, enthusiastic-but-basically-unobservant […]


FO Report: Silvery shiny sands

Well, I didn’t quite finish Silver Sands before the move, but I did a week later: we moved into our new place on Friday, and I finished them the Saturday of the week after — that’s gotta count for some sort of commendation, right? I’d settle for a poorly-printed participation certificate. Anyway, they’re gorgeous. This […]

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I have just moved house.  What a rigourously discombobulating process that is.  I always forget how much it shakes you (well, me) up. Transferring all your possessions to a new location doesn’t seem like a big deal on paper, but unpacking — being brought face-to-face with all the things you’ve bought or that someone has […]


F is for F(l)ail

I gotta ‘fess up — I didn’t finish all the Unfinished Business that I had hoped to before we moved house.  I’d like to tell you that it was by the skin of my teeth, that it was entirely due to bad luck and that I was *that* close to finishing all the knitting projects, […]

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