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Silver Sands Mitts

I have been diligently applying myself to working through my Knitting List (an altogether different thing to a Bucket List, I assure you) in pursuit of the Big Pre-Move Challenge. Presenting; Silver Sands Mitts!  One down, a little bit of one to go.

I’m making the Prismatic Scarf, AKA Silver Sands, for my lovely Mumini: it’s nearly finished, so I’m using the last ball of that yarn to make some matching mitts — what’s left after the mitts are done will be used to finish/bind off the scarf.

Pretty silver mitts in the backyard

The mitts pattern was made up as I went along: fortunately, my Mumini and I have similarly-sized hands, so I can fit them as I go. It’s intended to match the Prismatic Scarf, so there’s a scaled-down version of the slipped stitch pattern across the back of the hands. The Prismatic Scarf pattern uses multiples of 3, so in the mitts I used multiples of 2.  Here, for your consideration, are the notes I made to ensure that I wind up with two identical mitts (I haven’t made a note of the gauge, I’m sorry to say, and the mitts are at home so I can’t measure them, and I am too impatient to post this to wait until I get home: I am clearly a master blogger):

Kicking off:

– Cast on 40 stitches (or however many you think will work for your hand/needle size — just make sure it’s a multiple of 4); join for working in the round Edited to add: I found 40 sts too tight after all — try 44 sts instead.
– Work in 2×2 rib for 18 rounds.
– From here, work half the stitches in stockinette (this will form the palm) and the other half in the same pattern used in the Prismatic Scarf except over groups of 2 sts rather than groups of 3.  Maintain these two patterns until the mitt reaches about 1cm below the first thumb knuckle, or wherever you would like your thumb to poke out.
– Work the first two stitches of the stockinette half of the stitches, then bind off 6 stitches for the thumbhole. Maintaining both stockinette and pattern, as appropriate, continue to the end of the round.
Mega important alert: When you are working your second mitt, check your mitt to make sure that the thumbhole will put the stockinette section over the palm and the patterned section over the back of the hand — you will probably need to make one mitt with the thumbhole at the start of the stockinette section and one with the thumbhole at the end of the stockinette section.
– Maintaining stockinette/pattern, work back and forth for 4 rows.
– To close the thumbhole, recommence working in the round by casting on 6 sts over the gap, using a simple backwards loop cast-on.


– Maintaining stockinette/pattern, work 12 rounds or as long as you would like your mitts.
– Switch to 2×2 rib all around for 8 rounds. Bind off loosely. Make another!
I’m currently up to the “Make another” step; they’re looking mighty fine, even if I do say so myself.  Hoping to knock this one off the to-knit list in short order, but just saying that out loud is probably enough to jinx me…

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