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Finishing II – Yarn

So I mentioned before that I’m using my forthcoming Moving Day (just under three weeks now) to light a fire under my reading list — trying to get all my half-read books completed before the day of the shift. Well, this is part of a broader plan to really get stuck into my To-Do box (which is more of a concept than an actual box) and finish a few things.  Let’s talk knitting: UFOs, front-and-centre! TENHUT!

Skew — One down, one to go: still looking awesome, still blowing my mind.  Still in a plastic bag stuffed down one side of the knitting basket/end-of-day-jumper-receptacle in my room.  These socks rock and I genuinely want the finished product on my feet, ASAP, but — well, there’s no but. I got distracted, put them to one side and haven’t finished.  No excuses: let’s get ’em done.

Mossy tendrils — slow and steady progress, which is deeply uninteresting in terms of blog posts.  There’s only so many photos of dark green stockinette waist shaping I can justify.  I’m out of the shaping woods now, and have just a little plain stockinette, followed by the garter hem, to go on the body, and then it’s sleeve city. I love top-down raglans.  I am a happy citizen of Topdown Ragland!  The best part is, this is a good nibble project: stitch away while you’re waiting for dinner, squeeze in a couple of rounds while you’re chatting or watching TV — being mostly stockinette and garter, I can even work on it while I’m reading one of the many books on The Other List: so efficient! This is the only project on this list that could not have the word “languishing” used in its discussion — I haven’t rushed it, but I haven’t dawdled, either. Just whittled away, knit by knit.

Silver sands — scarf nearly done, thanks to a day of anxious waiting at the hospital a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately, and without having foreseen this self-imposed deadline thing, I promised the recipient of Silver Sands a matching pair of wrist warmers.  Seemed like a good idea at the time: now it feels like another thing on the Finish It Before The Move list.  Which it totally is, so at least it’s honest.  Cast on the cuffs last night, and had about three false starts before I finally got going on a size and structure I really like.  Now to persuade myself that I can “roar” through them and get the mitts done to match the scarf in short order; I’ve already started asking myself how long I think it takes to make a pair of wrist warmers, and the level of optimism implicit in my answers varies according to mood and weather.  Just after I’ve had coffee, I’ll say it’ll only take me a weekend, max, to do them; ask me again mid-afternoon and I’ll say it takes weeks and I was a fool, A FOOL, to have even started them. (I am decidedly less rosy and more sleepy mid-afternoon.) The scarf hasn’t been bound off yet, because I suspect I’ll have a bit of leftover yarn when I’ve finished the mitts and I will use that up as the last bit of the scarf.

See, when I decided to set out this list, I was all bouncy and thinking “Hey, this deadline stuff is great: what a good motivator for getting through all those UFOs!” but now I’m getting a bit uneasy about how much I may have signed myself up for here.

Mermaid gloves — sweet cheeses, I had forgotten about these. I cast these on in summer, determined to have them finished before the cold weather came.  One’s done, the other is lingering: I’m not even sure where I’m up to in the chart.  Actually, that’s probably what has triggered the lingering.  The figuring.  The figuring was the lingering triggering! I’ve put these down at one point, forgotten where I was up to, and decided the slight increase in mental challenge created by having to work it out is sufficient justification to put them aside.

I think that’s what appeals to me so much about this kind of deadline thing: a lot of these unfinished projects are unfinished because there was something that distracted me.  Nearly all of them have been paused, usually out of a slight increase in challenge, just long enough for a new project to elbow its way into my life. Silver sands was paused because I had to find/create a wrist warmer pattern; Skew and the Mermaid loves were paused because I had forgotten where I was up to in their patterns. Now that I’m forcing myself to finish things up and not permitting new projects into the arena (KNITTING PATTERN LOCKDOWN!), I’m realising that the challenges that present potential sticking points are very rarely worth sticking on.  That’s a bit embarrassing.  Huh.  I’m actually just easily put off.  Look, I didn’t sign up to this challenge to learn stuff about myself, okay? Certainly not embarrassing stuff.  Geez, get off my back!

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