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Skewed further

I spent far, far too long mulling over titles for this entry. “Sinews of Skew”; “Contin-skewed”; “It’s just Skew and me, baby”; “Skew-whiff” [not a good one when we’re talking socks]; “The Skew from Here”…I don’t know what it is about the word Skew that I like so very very much, but it seems to short-circuit whatever neural pathway normally takes care of blog post titles.

On the other hand, maybe it’s not just me. This pattern does something to you…I took this photo shortly after completely the insanely clever and zesty origami movement that you use to make the heel (there’s mid-row grafting). I thought I could show you what had happened and be all encouraging and stuff. Role model that shit all over this here blog. Nup. No clue. (I kinda like the picture, though.)

I have no idea how this sock works.

I’m still not entirely sure how I did it, but it works beautifully. I just followed the pattern really carefully, didn’t ask questions, didn’t try to understand what was going on — just followed ‘structions.  Here’s the heel, while I’m wearing the sock, and I still haven’t completely figured out what happened.


One minute I was working a kind of bias tube…


…then something happened and I had a heel…


…then a few more somethings happened and I had a sock.

That is some zesty knitting right there: I’m charging on with the second one, and I have to admit I love them to bits.  The fit is great, they’re really comfy — and I feel a bit like a genius for having finished one successfully. I imagine that when I finish the second, a deep and abiding sense of self-assurance and calm will settle over me. This will make me intolerably smug and nobody will want to be around me, but at least I’ll have awesome, awesome socks to keep me happy.

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