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What to do, what to do…

So I have some stuff that I want to knit up. I’m on a bit of a plant-fibre jag at the moment, enjoying the feel of it on my fingers. And I’ve got some rogue balls in the stash.

There’s some gorgeous green bamboo:


I have one virgin skein (100g/229m) and this little ball (22.2g according to my trusty scale, so about 50m-ish). Certainly not enough for a tank, but maybe a Square Cake? Or, and let’s pretend there isn’t an air of inevitability to the question, another Everlasting Bagstopper? Although a friend recently mentioned the possibility of bamboo facecloths, which has intrigued me.  I have a deep-seated and carefully-smothered love of knitting facecloths and dishcloths.  Deep-seated because of their fundamental simplicity and satisfaction, and carefully-smothered because, frankly, we own that many facecloths and dishcloths that there really isn’t much point in making any more unless I just want to clutter up the joint (and I don’t).

I have a ziploc bag full of this pretty stuff, too:


It’s a really soft, pink cotton/acrylic.  I like it but it’s the last thing in the world I would ever wear.  (Well, maybe not the very last: there are some hues of orange I wouldn’t be caught maimed in a paddock in.)  Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s a baby yarn and I don’t know any babies that wear this colour either.  It’s a challenge.  There’s a non-trivial amount of it, too: there’s about 450m, if my calculations are correct (weigh the lot, unravel five metres, weigh the lot again, divide the difference by five and you’ve got your grams-per-metre). That’s enough for a couple of bags…maybe a drawstring bag or something like that. Or another Everlasting Bagstopper.


The colours go nicely together, but not the textures.  The pink is plied, the green chained. And, frankly, as unlikely as I am to wear baby pink, I am about fifteen times more unlikely to wear baby pink coupled with spring green. Now, on an shopping bag, on the other hand, that’s not even an issue.

This one is bothering me a bit more:


Goldish-brown, tweedy, cotton/linen blend.  Astute readers will recognise that this is the sister to the silvery, tweedy, cotton/linen blend that I made my second Intolerable Cruelty from, as well as my first Everlasting Bagstopper (see very grey-themed post for memory refreshing). It’s nice enough yarn, but the colour? Ugh, not for me, thanks.  Too brown. Too golden. Too autumnal.  I know some people for whom this colour is a perfect blend into their wardrobe, but I’d be willing to bet they’d find the cotton/linen thing too scratchy. So what do I do with it? Again, I have a non-trivial amount; there’s three or four balls in my stash. To put that into perspective: it takes four balls, down to the last metre, to make an Intolerable Cruelty. One ball exactly for an Everlasting Bagstopper. What on Earth am I going to do with this? I honestly can’t imagine making anything in this shade of brown that I would wear. I would be more likely to wear the baby pink, above.

There’s one last rogue ball. I saved it to the end because since weighing, measuring and reballing, I’m getting a bit of a crush on:


(I had a hoot trying to get a good photo of this baby.) It’s shiny, black mercerised cotton. I only bought one ball because I wanted it for trim for something else and now I kinda like it. This photo shows it off a bit better, although for some reason it’s making my hand look like a huge, pudgy, white flesh-mitten. Still, worth it for this yarn.


Like all beautiful things, it is not long for this world: I’ve only got about 130m of it.  What to do, what to do? Whatever it is in my head that is making me knit bags compulsively suggests a Square Cake or a little drawstring bag, maybe with a ribbon for a drawstring. Although now that I realise that’s the second time I’ve linked Square Cake in this post — I suspect my decision may have been already made and I’m just blundering into the party now (late, and already drunk).   A little black Square Cake bag would be excellent, and would match just about everything I own.  And I would find a little evening pouchy thing useful.  And I have wanted to knit that pattern since it came out. And I’m on a massive bag fix at the moment, and it would at least push me beyond the beloved Everlasting Bagstopper. But could I bear the heartbreak if 130m just wasn’t enough? Oh, the DRAMA!

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