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Patience is virtue

I finished it. Say hello to Intolerable Cruelty 2: Silver Cruelty.


Where am I going without shoes, anyway?

You know what that means? (I can go up stairs! I can casually pose in the kitchen!)


Oh, yeah, just hanging out in the kitchen. In my new skirt. And no shoes.

I’m on the mend. I held off finishing this skirt because I cast it on the day I got sick and then I kept being sick; and then I stuffed up the sewing-over of the elastic casing so many times while sick that I began to weave an aura of superstition about the whole thing. I decided that, when I was well enough to successfully complete the finishing to the standard required (i.e. folding over a flap and sewing it down, honestly, WHERE IS MY BRAIN and WHEN CAN I HAVE IT BACK) then, and only then, would I know I was All Better and ready to go back to work.

And so it came to pass.  Yesterday was my best day since I got sick: I am completely ready to go back to work — so I fished it out of the to-do-bag and stitched down the last struggling stitch last night.  Then I wove the corset-style ribbon up the back with an air of grateful satisfaction: I did not quite shed a womanly, happy tear, but it was a near thing.  Despite how long this has dragged out, and it’s been a while now, I’m really happy with it. Intolerable Cruelty is a fantastic pattern: really flattering and very easy, provided you’re ready to accept all the stockinette. And, frankly, when you’re sick and sulking in bed, stockinette is about the biggest challenge you (oh, all right, I) can manage — and it’s kind of good to have something constructive come out of this, since I’ve been sick for aaaaaages, as my few (any?) remaining blog readers will attest. Yarn is an inherited, random, 50/50 cotton/linen blend that I had originally packed to send off to the op shop, since I’ve been carrying it around with me for years and I figured I was never going to get around to making anything with it — but rescued it in the nick of time and turned it into this sexy skirt.  (And, uh, some shopping bags.)

Check out this corsetry at the back. Not a great photo, but it shows the colour of the dark green ribbon against the silver-grey yarn:


Laced like a sexy shoe.

I’ll be wearing this to work on Monday, with a swish and a swing and a glad-to-be-alive-and-wearing-a-new-skirt sashay.  And maybe some black leggings, because I have managed to finish a light, knee-length, cotton skirt just as the weather did its magical thing and transformed into autumn.

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