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Surprise Skew!

In the midst of bags and Recovery Knitting, something odd is happening.

I cast on Skew within days of it coming out: it hit me right at an auspicious time, when I badly wanted something challenging (but not too challenging) and had just discovered and lovingly balled some sock yarn that I had forgotten I bought.  I cast on Intolerable Cruelty 1 on the same day, and found myself so hypnotised that I had to knit it twice, and then I got sick and that reset all my knitting to Recovery Knitting (we’re still working through the Everlasting Bagstopper addiction: growth is a process). So Skew kinda got knuckled out of the way. I fished it out of the WIPs bag from time to time, but I had forgotten where I was up to in the pattern and couldn’t be bothered figuring it out, and — well, we’ve all been there.  So yesterday, when I had cast off another Everlasting Bagstopper (shut up), I was fishing around for something else to knit. Wasn’t in the mood to decide upon a new project, so I didn’t feel like casting on. Didn’t want to play scarf anymore with Silver Sands, so I fished out Skew. As with everything that I put off indefinitely out of a fear of labour, the process of actually finding where I was up to in the pattern took me, oh, about nought-point-two seconds.  The pattern is tremendously clear and straightforward and I had completely forgotten that all I had to do was follow the instructions. I am enraptured with it.


I had avoided it because I thought my brain wasn’t quite up to doing anything beyond soothing and simple garter stitch (and Everlasting Bagstoppers, obviously), and that I would keep losing track of the increases and decreases and twists and turns — frankly, I was a bit scared that the excitement that this pattern presents me with would be a bit much. (I’m doing really well, but I’m still definitely in the Recovery Zone, health-wise.) Turns out, all I have to do is trust the pattern. Trust the extremely clever, thrilling pattern. Seriously, I can’t get enough of this baby.  Loving it to bits.  If you haven’t had a whack at this pattern, I strongly suggest you do so: it will do some zesty things to your understanding of what a sock does and is.

And I have to admit, this yarn is making the whole thing even easier.  It is easily one of the most beautiful sock yarn colourwayss I’ve worked with: it makes me think of rain and being in the park in autumn; the soil and the leaves and the blue sky and things like that.  And, since it’s become a little autumnal around here lately, it all feels very harmonious and in sync with the seasons, etc. etc.


Let’s have another obligatory macro shot:


Ah, that’s the stuff.

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