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No, I don’t consider this “out of hand”


I have to say, the red one was even more satisfying to knit than the silver one. Oh, and that rogue strand of green across the bottom of the pic? Definitely not a third one.  Definitely not.  Besides, I’ve got to put the handles and drawstrings on these babies.

I am thinking of other bags though.  Maybe a BYOB or Square Cake.  Just to shake things up a bit.

By the way, finishing that red one was a total knitter’s high: I had just seven centimetres of yarn left over, without even skimping on the super-stretchy bind-off.  That is awesome. That is extreme knitting, right there, cruising that close to disaster and then just being like “nuh-uh: SHAZAM!” and showing my knitting who’s in charge. Me. I’m in charge.

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