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One is fun, so surely two is better

Okay, so it’s bag season around here, apparently. As soon as I finished my last Everlasting Bagstopper, I missed it. So I kinda started another one.  Well, I mean, I like knitting them, and it isn’t like you only need one shopping bag, right? And on top of that, the brown paper bag I have been carrying my lunch to work in for the past six months (it came with some bottles of wine we bought at a winery in Tasmania and it had a goat on it, so I was kinda in love with it) finally composted before my eyes, so I needed something to carry my lunchbox and stuff in.  So, really, I didn’t have much choice. And shut up.


Isn’t garter stitch pretty in the sunlight? Okay, maybe not pretty.  Just…good.  I have to admit (well, I don’t, but I will anyway because I don’t like misleading people): I spent a lot of time outdoors with my camera and this bag, just crooning over it and smoothing it out with my hands and enjoying the way it looked in the sunlight. I’d like to say that I’m still sick and this is all part of the recovery process, but I think I may have to just face up to the fact that I’m a bit…y’know…dim.  Some of my membranes are in muted colours. There may be a bit of vegetable matter in my skein, yannowhatImean? A few bits where the dye didn’t quite soak up.  Sorry, what were we talking about?

Smooth and bright and cheerful and straightforward and frankly that is all I want from life at the moment.  That yarn, by the way: soft, sturdy, red mercerised cotton that I completely adore.  Ten balls of it as a Christmas present from my Mumini and Dadini a couple of years ago, and from that I’ve made two summer tops and this bag.


Picking up the stitches around the bottom went really nicely this time.  This is a mighty fine yarn to be working with.

Look, I don’t know when the bag binge is going to end.  Come back later and we’ll see how we’re progressing.

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