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Yo-yoing and magic buns

Up and down I go! Still recovering from being sick, I still have moments of complete crash (like, if I try and do too much or if I go too long between meals) which leave me laying on the couch praying someone will take pity on me and force Vegemite toast down my gullet.  Then I lay there for a while, gagging on my toast, and get all sorts of ideas about what I can do when I’m feeling better — which is good and exciting, but makes the waiting-to-get-better phase harder to put up with.  Mood- and energy-wise, I’m up and down like a toilet seat at a mixed party. Here is a close-up of recently-baked, freshly-glazed hot cross buns to break up the monotony of my grumbling:


There’s not much to do except be careful and not get too tired. I overdid it this morning, because these babies stole my heart: ah, hot cross buns, how I love thee. Used the Wild Yeast Blog recipe, because Susan is All Knowing in the Farinaceous Ways and also because it’s a damned good recipe.  One of my favourite moments is when you get them out of the oven, and they look kind of dry and savoury, and then you brush warm sugar syrup over them.  The heat of the buns evaporates the water and the syrup becomes this dark, golden glaze.


They are warm and have made the house smell beautiful.  Once again, I’m propping myself up on the heady magic of cinnamon-scented baking.  (Before anyone points out that these cannot, in fact, be hot cross buns due to the absence of crosses, I would like to say “HEY LOOK OVER THERE!”)

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