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Bubblin’ blueberries

Loved this moment, loved this photo, wanted to share:


Five o’clock drinks one afternoon a couple of weeks ago was chilled champagne with blueberries.  I wasn’t celebrating anything in particular, but what difference does that make? Sometimes life just deserves a toast for being kinda cool, and I can think of no better time for such celebration than on a windy early autumn afternoon, when the sun is just high enough to let you sit outside, but low enough to remind you that autumn — and winter — are on the way. Oh yes, they are, and I could not be happier about the fact.  As much as I like some things about summer, I’m a winter girl.  I get really excited when I walk outside after work and, for the first time in months, think “huh, it’s a bit cool tonight!” I get even more excited the first morning of autumn that I step outside and smell woodsmoke: that promising, warming, lush smell that admits it’s finally cold in the mornings.  Hasn’t happened yet, and I’m looking forward to it: it feels me with good vibes.


Here’s to you, autumn!  Thanks for the blueberries, summer: catchya next year.

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