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Things making me happy right now


What? Doesn’t this fill your heart with joy and your mouth with eagerness? Really? Sheesh. Sweet bitty-lucking fries, these photos are driving me crazy with desire — and the real thing is only about two metres away from me.  I spent an hour or so after lunch yesterday with M and my Mumini following the creek that trickles through the bottom corner of Mumini’s property outside town. It’s the most wonderful spot in the world: there’s a pine gully full of rabbits, and once you get through that, you’re at the creek, a rambling, untouched affair lined with poplars, wild blackberries, wild quinces and…oh, baby…wild figs.  Dragonflies — red, mauve and electric blue — dart around; there’s no traffic noise or city sound; only hills and rabbits and the trickling creek.  We spent a fair bit of time filling our bags with figs, getting our fingers sticky and eating any that tore in the process of harvest. M carried the rake and knocked the out-of-reach figs down for us short folk (duck’s disease runs in Mumini’s line of the family).

When I am old and tired; when my memory leaks and floods my mind with images of fear and confusion; I hope the memory of eating warm wild figs in the late summer sun, joking with M and my Mumini sticks firm and reassuring in the chaos of my greying mind.

Anyway, if figs don’t simmer your spuds, here are some other things currently pleasing me.  Here is an awesome shot of a bearded dragon, an agile and wily creature, about 25cm long from snort to tail (but it’s a pretty damn long tail), who was cruising around the rose bed at Mumini and Dadini’s place yesterday:


Pretty cool, huh? Doesn’t he look all circumspect and cautious? He’s totally sizing me up.  He decided I was cool; I decided he was cool;we rolled on in our separate ways.

Here’s another picture of a lizard that I like:


That right there is a Wellington Green Gecko and he is adorable.


Here is a sign indicating where, in Hall, NSW, you may find somewhere to water your transport. Good to know.  This sign was across the road from where we had breakfast. While our horses died of thirst.  No, sorry: we drove in automobiles. No horses were dehydrated in the making of this blog.  Aw hell, have some more fig porn:


This is my breakfast tomorrow.  Probably my lunch, too.  I’m so happy right now.

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