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I have three new projects and I love them all like three new yarn babies.  After the triumphant finishing of my red Essential Tank and the slightly-less-triumphant-but-no-less-worthwhile finishing of my latest socks, I felt ready to kick off some new things. Let’s play Meet the Newbies.

My Silver Sands scarf:


This yarn is soooooo soooooooft.  So soft I feel like it’s just going to puff away in the breeze.  It’s delicious: a soy/wool blend I picked up in Sydney at Morris & Sons.  I think of it as silver and grey and shadowy and wintry, but there’s a subtle brown in there too. Pattern is the Prismatic Scarf, simple and really, really effective. Perfect for showing off the glints and gleams of this yarn.

The Not-quite-sure-yet Pomatomus!


In springy, kettle-dyed Arucania, a semi-solid grey/blue which could have been dyed for this exact project, the match is so good.  I was originally planning to make Pomatomus armwarmers to take to New Zealand with me in January, but I’m so in love with the match of pattern and yarn that I am tempted just to keep following politely and go with the socks.  I haven’t got a pair of Pomatomus socks, now that I come to think of it.  I have been waiting for the right yarn…I think I’ll just keep knitting these until I decide it’s time to draw arrows or cut bowstrings, and then pin myself to either armwarmers or socks.  Meanwhile, it’s a relaxing, satisfying cruise of twisted 1×1 rib, k2togbls and YOs.  Despite its delicate appearance, the Pomatomus pattern is really straightforward and quick to memorise.  Of course, now that I’ve said that, tune in tomorrow to see the sheer scale of disaster I will have managed to wreak.

Skinny Red Empire Redux (Tredux?)


This is the third time I’ve cast on this top, from Wendy Bernard’s Simple Knits.  I will have it.  I will have it.  I WILL have it.  The first I had to rip back due to a grand misunderstanding about Row Gauge and Its Many Fun Applications.  The second I had to rip back due to an idiotic failure to grasp the difference between finished size and to-fit size, and how these two figures relate to negative ease and what impact this has on whether or not you’re making a cute empire line top or a saggy house sweater. This is the third time.  It’s a good pattern, and the errors thus far have been my fault alone — I should be looking forward to getting to go on this ride again, but honestly, I’m ready to own this top and I’m no closer to actually being in a position to do so, despite all the knitting.

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