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NoQuiNaNoWriMo part 3

Another tangentially-related activity you and many others can enjoy instead of working studiously, industriously on your NaNo manuscript is bagel making!

Everyone loves bagels. Well, I do.  I freaking can’t get enough of them at the moment.  I’m having them at breakfast, then taking them to work and toasting more for lunch. I keep wanting to give them away to people and make them admit to me how fantastic they are.  On Saturday I put a batch of slow-rising sourdough bagels on to rise.  They, uh, didn’t.


The dough itself was quite good: strong and springy without feeling too dense or lifeless.  But the magic wasn’t there, the sourdough starter simply went back to sleep in the fridge (I assume) and the final baked items were, uh, sturdy.  (Not pictured.)

These were supposed to accompany us to Sydney on Sunday afternoon, so when it became apparent that I had baked up a batch of bad-gels (GET IT?), I quickly and grumblingly threw another lot of dough into the breadmaker and whipped up a second batch, using my standard recipe (3 cups of bread flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, pinch of salt, 7g  dried yeast and enough warm water to bring it all together), in a matter of hours.  I’m seriously proud of myself for getting that second batch together in such a short space of time (I think they took about two and a half hours, all up), and they were damned good:


Mmmm, bagelicious.

Still hunting for ways to distract yourself from NaNo?I recommend some frenzied baking and a jaunt to another city for a while.  It did wonders for slowing my word count progress.

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