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NoQuiNaNoWriMo Part 2

Still behind on that NaNo word count, huh?  Yeah, me too.  Mostly because I get easily distracted.  Like writing blog posts on things that are tangentially related to NaNo.


Beans!  Delicious, recently-roasted Alan’s Blend from Coffee for Connoisseurs, waiting to be ground.  I’ve ordered from there a few times and I heartily reccommend the Espresso Cioccolato.  What has this to do with NaNo, you ask?  Well, if you asked, then I think you may need to look into your heart and find out how committed you really are to NaNo. How, I insist on knowing, are you maintaining the energy to keep charging on with those thousands of words?  What do you do when you desperately need a break, but honestly can’t go to the toilet one more time?

I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker until a couple of years ago, and then M began roasting his own beans and I learned that all those times I had told people I didn’t like coffee, I just meant I didn’t like crap coffee.  I like really good coffee, which is surprisingly hard to come by in Canberra.  Or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.  A cup of coffee every morning with breakfast is not essential, but it’s certainly very nice.

I broke my camera this week.  The lovely big LCD screen on the back of it isn’t working properly.  Far from this putting me off photographing things, the added level of mystery this has given my photography is encouraging me to take way more shots than I otherwise would.  And I still love that macro setting:


Can’t you just smell it? Wouldn’t a cup go down smoothly right about now? And then you would have so much energy for banging on with NaNo!

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