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I sometimes wonder if I have some sort of pathological compulsion to verb-ify nouns (I think I just did it again). Bandwagonning: to jump onto a bandwagon of some sort.

I, like 98% of the international blogging community, will be doing NaNoWriMo this year. I do it most years, and I really enjoy it. I love knowing that there are thousands of other writers out there, running the gamut from starters to seasoned pros, all busting their guts to get 50,000 words of fresh writing out. I like knowing that they’re all striving and challenging themselves, and hopefully having a blast while doing it.

Writing is a funny activity, because there are so many preconceptions, pretensions and connotations that go along with it — try telling people you’re a writer sometime, and see what happens. Most people think you’re not a writer until you’re published, or until you’re famous, or until some other mythical bar that has to be crossed. The same kind of expectation is rarely imposed on people who say they’re into cooking or that they’re baseball players. And on the other hand, there are hundreds of posers who describe themselves as writers but really have no interest in working at writing, and who get more pleasure out of the name than the activity. I suppose that such citizens exist in every suburb of the arts.

For all my fellow NaNoWriMo-ers, good luck! I’ve begun weighing up ideas and characters, but I’m still not sure what direction I will be taken in. Come November 1, however, I will sit down and open a new file, and come November 30, that file will contain a minimum of 50,000 words. (Real ones, too.) It’s quite an exciting idea.

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