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Thoughts on blogging:

1) I am sometimes scared that I have a “blog voice”. In fact, it would surprise me very much if I didn’t, but I worry sometimes that it is strangles my normal writing voice. It is difficult to worry about this kind of thing without constantly rolling one’s eyes at oneself, and at-oneself-eye-rolling is a direct route to eyeball strain, so I try and limit myself to minimal introspection on this matter. On the other hand, I would like to know if a blog voice is natural extension of choosing to use this medium, and if that’s even a problem. I guess it would be a problem if I came to identify writing only with blogging, and then the two voices would merge. But then which voice would win out?

2) I invented a delicious new cocktail, which I am calling a Long Armadillo, but it was such a bitch to photograph that I nearly didn’t bother blogging about it at all.The photos were terrible. They could have been shots of dishwasher powder and lemonade. I moved everything around in the kitchen, trying to procure a patch of natural light under which to photograph it, and it was still a dud. Delicious, though: it’s guava nectar, mineral water, lime, mint and gin, all over crushed ice. It’s incredibly refreshing and delicious and I expect it to make me famous.

3) I have finished writing up a series of short pages on Addison’s disease.  A lot has been going on with me, Addison’s-wise, lately, and I wanted to crystallise some of the things I’ve learned about it recently and over the past 18 months.  I hope that some random Googling Addisonians can find some use in them, but even if not, I found them useful to write up.  They’re on the left there, down the page a bit.

4) The urge to bake has been wrestled into submission.  It’s never very far below the surface with me, but it has settled down — I am not sure how to interpret this, but it probably means a long spring or something.

That is all.

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