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I’m home sick, cuddled up with my laptop and this gal:


Which is not without its rewards.

Addison’s disease is an odd beast, and learning to dance with it is a slow and clumsy process.  Problems can come on so quickly that you hardly have time to compensate with your meds, or they can come on so slowly that you don’t really notice — or you put them down to not sleeping well, or something — and don’t compensate with your meds until it’s a little late. I had a blowout this week: had to bolt home from work, confused and weepy and tired and generally feeling like I had hit the wall. A couple of days at home, on hugely amped-up supplements, and I’m feeling more like myself, albeit a tired-er version of myself.

Whenever I’m home sick, I’m tempted to just eat anything, nibbling here and there and munching on a lot of toast.  I never really bought into the idea of comfort food until I realised I did that, but comfort is definitely what it’s about: you’re feeling weak or miserable or pouty or in pain, and eating some things gives just enough pleasure to make it a relief to the discomfort. I think my go-to food is toast.

I know I’m coming out of the other side of this current bout of vague yuck: my sentences are becoming fully-formed, and my appetite is tiptoeing back. I consider it a huge cruelty to lose my appetite, so its return is as welcome to my extremely whine-tolerant cohabitors as it is to me. It does mean, however, that bread consumption will be on the rise.

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