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Random Monday!

I love Random X-day posts.  They’re like a get-out-of-jail-free card for blogging.

1. I don’t care that the calendar still says August, it is totally spring here.  Observe the following evidence:

  • the ornamental cherry and pear trees have all begun blossoming;
  • the frosts have stopped;
  • this morning I left the house without a coat and did not regret it in the slightest;
  • last night when I went to bed, it was still 15°C (granted, I went to bed at around eight o’clock, but this point is still valid);
  • when I drive home from work now, the sun is still kinda up.

The most compelling evidence of all is that the magnolia trees have begun to bloom.  I love magnolias.  I think they’re incredibly beautiful, and there’s something about them blooming before their leaves come, and before most plants have their spring flush, that seems so bold and glorious.  Gorgeous, excellent creatures.

2. I cannot, for the life of me, work out how to increase my storage space for photos on this blog.  It’s bugging the crap out of me.  I have followed the on-paper steps that one is supposed to follow (i.e. log in as admin, adjust the limit in the WordPress MU backend) and it does nothing.  Hm.  This annoys me.

3. I have finished the body of a jumper I’m making M.  I designed it myself and figured it out along the way, basing it on another jumper he has and loves.  Only, well…I am being reminded of the ways in which different yarns can vary.  The yarn I’ve chosen for this project is Cleckheaton’s Merino Supreme, which I have chosen because it’s so beautiful and soft and buttery that I want to share it with M, especially since it has been discontinued (NOOOOOOO!).  Also, it’s machine-washable, which is a necessity.  Unfortunately, the nature of the jumper I’ve produced is such that the yarn begins to stretch under its own weight: this wasn’t too disastrous on the body, although it was a little longer than I expected, but once you add the sleeves, well…fugettaboutit.  The sleeves add too much weight and haul the shoulders out so that the set-in sleeve line is about two-thirds down the bicep.  Bummer.  I have spent quite a bit of time mulling this one over, doing maths to it and puzzling it out with pencils.  Unfortunately, all this mulling and puzzling and maths has been a big fat bluff to avoid admitting what I know to be true: I’m going to have to start again.  As in, frog the whole thing and start over. It’s a pain, but only because now I have serious doubts as to my abilities to work out a jumper off my own bat.  If it was a case of realising I had mis-read the pattern right from the beginning, I’d whip out the ball winder and get busy frogging: but now I know I had to frog it and refigure the pattern, I’m a bit nervous.  I want to get it right, and I see no point in giving M a jumper that he would not enjoy wearing, so let’s hope my awesome brain comes to the party on this one.  Still, I like knitting, and the yarn is still heavenly, so I shan’t worry too much.

4.  I am moving house on Friday.  I am so amped about this it’s ridiculous.  I don’t really like packing, and I suspect I’ll find moving day itself kind of hectic and flappy, but I’m looking forward to the end result!  It’s going to be good: we’re settling in with some family for a few months, and I am excited. Of course, this means my life is a sea of boxes at the moment, which is an unusual way of being, and I’m forced to ask myself umpteen times a day how I accumulated so much stuff.  A small price to pay, however!

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