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Gearing up

Today I bought lots and lots of flour, eggs, butter and cocoa, because I have a weekend of epic baking ahead of me.  Next Monday is the RSPCA Cupcake Day!  And I am a proud registered Cupcake Cook.  It’s great.  A few weeks ago I put together some prototypes and photographed them, then put them up on my Flickr stream and invited friends to have a look and make an order.  Well, some of those friends emailed other friends…and coworkers…and family.  And now I have a rather startling amount of baking on my hands.

I am so happy.  I love baking cakes and things, even though I don’t really like eating them — I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth, and I’m far more likely to indulge in good bread and cheese when it comes down to it. It delights me beyond anything that the RSPCA can benefit from this orgy of baking. Of course, reminding me of this sense of happy expectation, come Sunday night when I’m sobbing into a sea of puppy-themed cupcakes, is absolutely forbidden.  I’m looking forward to photographing the process as I go, or at least roping M into doing so, and I have been musing on the best ways of transporting and delivering all the cupcake orders I’ve had so far.  I imagine myself beep-beeping around in an adorable, cupcake-shaped hoopty-car, but I think it will actually be far more prosaic than that (mostly because I haven’t got an adorable, cupcake-shaped hoopty-car, nor the funds to procure one) and involve the lids off printer paper boxes.

In addition to the dozens of orders I’ve had, I’m baking a few more batches and bringing them into work to encourage coworkers to buy cupcakes and contribute to the RSPCA.  So the scale of my baking is rapidly escalating.  I find myself saying things like “Yeah, but cupcakes scale really easily: making three or four dozen at a time isn’t that hard.” and “I know it sounds like a lot, but I can do them in stages.” and “It’ll be fine.  I’m not worried.”  Part of me is warning that the last sentence in particular should be alarming me more than it is, but frankly, I’m looking forward to it.  It’ll be fine.  I’m not worried.

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