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It’s moving time!  M and I are upsticks-and-leaving our current little house.  We’re going to bunk up with some family to save up for a few months; around six, I’m estimating.  It’s going to be awesome and I’m kind of excited by it all. I like our family, I like change — I don’t like moving house, but I’m telling myself it’s an excellent opportunity for clearing out all our stuff, and I do like doing that.  (Know anybody who needs a dodgy-as-hell lawnmower? No? Me neither. Bummer.)  There’s going to be bags of clothes going to the op-shops, books going to the second-hand-bookshop, and I’m hoping to cull a few other herds that get out of hand the moment you stop paying attention (how many unworking pens can one person unearth on her desk? Stay tuned to find out!).  But everything is going to be packed into boxes and stowed, along with our furniture, all our towels, our hammock, our vacuum cleaner and God knows what else I find as we go.

While everything we will be storing will be accessible when we need it, this has presented me with an interesting quandary:

What knitting and reading should I pack away and store, and what should I keep with me, instantly at hand?  If you knew that your stash was going to be boxed up and put away for a while, what would you insist on keeping with you?

I’ve decided that, although I can access all my yarn and books in an emergency, it’s going to be a hassle to go through all my boxes every time I’m in the mood for something to knit or read.  So I’m going to limit myself to one box of projects and books for the next few months and everything else will be stowed away in sealed cartons.  (Excuse me, I just got a little dizzy.)  I’m cheating a bit, because I’m not taping it shut, so techinically I can pile stuff onto it, thus extending its capacity.  But I don’t have a problem with that.  I’ve told myself to be realistic, that I can’t usually knit a sock in a week, and that I don’t need to pack every single thing I’ve vaguely thought about knitting over the past few weeks.  I’m only taking yarn that has specific plans affiliated with it, two works-in-progress, and sock yarn.  I’m leaning towards little projects, because it’s going to be spring and summer and there’s going to be lots of time sitting out the back enjoying the long light evenings — I won’t want a whole sweater on my lap.  I think this is an excellent strategy.

These strict limits have given me a radically pruned list of things for the project box. I’m only taking the yarn, needles and pattern books for:

  • two sweaters
  • four summer tanks
  • five pairs of socks
  • a pair of fingerless gloves
  • a pair of felted clogs

There, doesn’t that sound severely rationed?  Plus all the novels and things I plan to read over the next few months, obviously.  (I have a few sewing projects to take care of, too, but I’m thinking of arranging to store them with my sewing machine, which will be off-site at Mumini and Dadini’s.  That’s just sensible.)

I feel so lightweight and portable!

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