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Genius or madman

So the other night, M and I were enjoying some pre-dinner drinks while I cooked us some sammiches.  I’m crazy about fried sammiches, so I made a blue cheese/rocket/purple onion/thinly-sliced-apple/chilli flake sammich and a tomato/hot mustard/tabasco/robust cheddar sammich and fried them in butter for our dinner.  (Awww yeah.)  Feeling inspired, M took to the kitchen.  I document what unfolded:

“What are you doing?”

“Just making another sammich. We’ll go halves.”

“Okay, cool, I — is that cayenne pepper?”

“On the pickles, yeah.” M points to that side of the sammich. “Peanut butter, pickles, cayenne pepper.”

“Cool. The other side?”

“Jam and…”

“…blue cheese.”

“Cool.” Ever a lover of blue cheese and peanut butter, and keen to see how they unfolded together, I hung around.

“Craisins! Perfect!”

“There’s some purple onion in the fridge, too.”

The end result: peanut butter, jam, blue cheese, gherkins, craisins, cayenne pepper, purple onion, on rye.  Fried in a little butter. (Poorly photographed.)

God help me, it was one of the most delicious sammiches I have ever eaten.  I don’t know how he does it.  Five stars.

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